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Let us help you build a rewarding career in Landscaping.

Landscaping is the perfect career path for those that don’t want to spend 9-5 stuck in a chair behind a desk. Instead, you’re surrounded by nature and fresh air, which is ideal for mental health in the short and long term.

While physical labour isn’t the only thing landscapers do, it is a large part of it. Is landscaping a good job? It’s more than ideal for people who enjoy staying fit and healthy.

Depending on the project type, you’ll typically find yourself building beautiful ponds, or creating a dream garden for clients.

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With Dixons Landscapes there are always opportunities to grow and earn a rewarding salary

Landscaping is constantly evolving and advancing, which is what makes it such a perfect long-term career. There will always be opportunities to try new designs and keep up with emerging trends, making it an exciting career choice.


There are countless benefits to this profession, and it’s not often you can find a career path that doesn’t involve being stuck in an office all day. We find that the job is extremely fulfilling for those who love the outdoors and work in an ever-growing environment and culture.


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